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NEW - Improved Website Menu System

We have modernised and improved the technology behind our website menu system. Whilst keeping everything simple and easy for you and the users of your website, the new menu system looks attractive and it works equally well for small sites or large complex websites with lots of pages and content.

In the past, it was possible to use pictures as menu buttons to create roll-over effects as the mouse passed over the menu items. That process was time-consuming and arguably difficult to master because it required the use of graphics software, such as Photoshop or Fireworks. Now we have improved our website technology and you can have stylish roll-over effects without creating picture menu buttons.

The end result looks more impressive and it is actually much quicker and easier to achieve using our latest website builder technology.

We have also addressed a new challenge to ensure your website menu system works perfectly on a full range of screen displays, and this means your menu looks impressive on a large computer screen and works equally well on a mobile phone browser.

When the viewable screen area is smaller (for example, on a mobile browser or a small tablet device), the menu system will collapse into an expandable drop-down menu. Sometimes described as a hamburger menu or a sidebar menu, we use and industry-standard icon (a small three-lined button) to inform users there is a drop-down collection of menu items available.

Furthermore, we have listened to your feedback and we are delighted to announce that our website toolkit now has a new drop-down menu system.

In summary, we have modernised our systems to produce an improved menu system and the toolkit which you use to create the website menu has also been simplified and improved.

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My Footer Text

In this section, put a short description to summarise your website.

This is the new website 'Footer' and it includes two contact form features, so that people can join your mailing list or get in touch with you.

This is completely new and we have introduce a new section in our website toolkit for you to create a 'Footer'. It sits at the bottom of the screen across the entire website and it comprises of 4 main elements:

1. Logo (a smaller version of your logo which appears at the top of your website).
2. Mailing list contact form.
3. Text area, for you to summarise your website description.
4. Contact form.

You can turn these elements on or off, according to your preference.

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