Demonstration Website

Existing Websites Created Before December 2017

When QUICK ON THE NET was launched, we provided a choice of 8 different layouts and all existing websites which were created before December 2017 use one of those layouts.

An upgrade path is now available and owners of existing websites have the option of moving over to the new system. Each website has its own individual qualities and therefore some planning and preparation is required before making the switch.

In particular, the logo or header bar image at the top of the screen will require some planning. Also the use of your existing menu button style and structure will require preparation.

If you want to add a picture carousel to your website, we would recommend that you consider uploading new gallery images for that purpose.

Please note that this should be viewed as a one-way upgrade path because if you move over to the new system, you will get new features when you log into your website toolkit and also your website itself will move away from the original 8 layouts across to a new and improved layout which can use all the improvements presented on this demonstration website.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss the benefits and implications of upgrading your website to our new improved system.


Mailing List
My Footer Text

In this section, put a short description to summarise your website.

This is the new website 'Footer' and it includes two contact form features, so that people can join your mailing list or get in touch with you.

This is completely new and we have introduce a new section in our website toolkit for you to create a 'Footer'. It sits at the bottom of the screen across the entire website and it comprises of 4 main elements:

1. Logo (a smaller version of your logo which appears at the top of your website).
2. Mailing list contact form.
3. Text area, for you to summarise your website description.
4. Contact form.

You can turn these elements on or off, according to your preference.

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