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Page Picture: Top Picture Option 2

We have improved the presentation of page pictures. As shown above, you have the option to make the top picture left, centre or right-aligned, sitting above the page text.

This option can look very stylish with panoramic wide/slim pictures.

With the example shown on this page, we have made the page contents and the picture centred.

For this to work well on your website, we recommend your page pictures are saved at the following pixel resolution:

Between 250 pixels wide and 2,000 pixels wide.

The picture shown above on this page is 1,200 pixels wide.

Top Picture Option 1 # Bottom Picture

Mailing List
My Footer Text

In this section, put a short description to summarise your website.

This is the new website 'Footer' and it includes two contact form features, so that people can join your mailing list or get in touch with you.

This is completely new and we have introduce a new section in our website toolkit for you to create a 'Footer'. It sits at the bottom of the screen across the entire website and it comprises of 4 main elements:

1. Logo (a smaller version of your logo which appears at the top of your website).
2. Mailing list contact form.
3. Text area, for you to summarise your website description.
4. Contact form.

You can turn these elements on or off, according to your preference.

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