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QUICK ON THE NET Demonstration Website

We have made major changes and improvements to our website builder service and this demonstration website has been created to highlight the key changes.

This is our most significant update for several years and it has involved enhancements and new features within the website toolkit, and the biggest improvements are reflected in what you can now achieve with your website.

We have reached this new milestone by carrying out a lot of complex programming modifications behind the scenes and the good news is that we have managed to keep everything simple and easy within the website toolkit itself.

We have built in greater flexibility into your website, to recognise the fact that internet websites are viewed on many different devices, including laptops, desktops computers, smart TVs, tablets and iPads, along with mobile phone handsets.

We have also fully embraced the world of social media, to ensure you can integrate your website with social media platforms with considerable ease.

Perhaps most important, your site can now contain lots of dazzling new features, to ensure your website looks attractive and engaging for your audience.

Mailing List
My Footer Text

In this section, put a short description to summarise your website.

This is the new website 'Footer' and it includes two contact form features, so that people can join your mailing list or get in touch with you.

This is completely new and we have introduce a new section in our website toolkit for you to create a 'Footer'. It sits at the bottom of the screen across the entire website and it comprises of 4 main elements:

1. Logo (a smaller version of your logo which appears at the top of your website).
2. Mailing list contact form.
3. Text area, for you to summarise your website description.
4. Contact form.

You can turn these elements on or off, according to your preference.

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